Vittoria Woodill.

cbs3 tv gal & style blogger 

"There is undiscovered potential in yourself, your situation, your style, and your pocketbook. We help you see that. You can still Look, Feel, and Live like a Million Bucks on a Few Shiny Pennies. If I can do it, you easily can do it too."

Vittoria Woodill- Creator of Polished for Pennies

Growing up in Northeast Philadelphia, sharing a one and a half bedroom house with 6 people. Going through small spaces, 1 bathroom, sharing beds, bunk beds, and sofa beds, she never felt like she was lacking. Her living situation may have seemed different compared to those who?ve had their own room their whole lives, but she never really noticed. Her close quarters forced her to think outside of the box and polish up her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on pennies!

Her secret weapon? An eye for Polished Potential in everything, big possibilities, and a full bank of Self Confidence. This was the idea behind Polished for Pennies. The Lifestyle Confidence Blog. 

The go-to Gal Pal guide to ?Looking, Feeling, and Living like a Million Bucks on a Few Shiny Pennies?? which began as a lifestyle confidence blog and later bloomed into a national webseries for Scripps Networks former digital lifestyle channel

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