Vittoria Woodill.

cbs3 tv gal & style blogger 

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Algernon Oconnell

About Me

A simple girl with passion for fashion,arts :D

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David L.Mitchell
About Me

Hello My Name Is DavidL. Mitchell and I'm a Independant Author/Illustrator From Norristown,Pa.With Three Published Childrens Picture Books.

I'm a Thoughtful Guy Who's Confident and Likes To see Other Like Minded folks Do Well with

Thier Gifts and Talents Especially Local People .People Always Here About New York and L.A

Talents and Contributions and That's Great I Love Both Places, However Philadelphia Pa and Surrounding Areas Have as Much Talent ,Confidence and Other Great Gifts Like Any Other Place.Vittoria Woodill Is A Wonderful Woman and Talent, She Has a Personality That's Priceless and I Believe That She Will Bring Greatness To The World Of Fashion and Help Make Many Ladies Feel and Look Like a Billion Bucks Because When You Look Good You Feel Good and I'm Sure You will Adore The Look and Style That she can bring From a Dress to a Ring without You paying the "BLING BLING" Prices!!!Especially Coming Out Of a Reccession Check out her Videos and get a Cool Fashion Lesson...

Donna Antolak
About Me

Matt Lee
35 years old
About Me



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Scott S.
About Me

:) Hi! I am out in Oreland. I enjoy golf,scuba diving,swimming,biking,movies & rollerblading. Former baseball player in college. I have worked and been involved in home theatre systems. I like your website.:)

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